09 Grovecommon Lock

Grovecommon Lock, rises 9ft. 3ins., This has an integral brick bridge over the west end of the chamber. Gauging stone set in wall.
D.L. Banfield Survey, 1969

1.11 East Vale (474n)
East Vale, Ardington Marsh Lock
1.13.1 East Vale (539n)
East Vale, looking east, Ardington Top Lock, internal
1.13.2 East Vale (279n)
East Vale, Quarter mile above Ardington Top Lock
1.15.1 East Vale (329n)
East Vale, looking west from Grove Bottom Lock
1.15.2 East Vale (298n)
East Vale, Occupation bridge, west of Grove Bottom Lock
1.16 East Vale (478n)
East Vale, looking east from Spirit Lock
1.17 East Vale (283n)
East Vale, infilled line west of Smallmarsh Lock
11 Limekiln Lock

Linekiln Lock, rises 8ft. 9ins., part filled with rubbish and derelict. Facing brickwork, English bond, 9" x 4" x 2 3/4".
D.L. Banfield Survey, 1969

19 Longcot Bottom Lock

Longcot Bottom Lock, rises 9ft. 5ins. East end filled with footbridge over. Top end of chamber unfilled.
D.L. Banfield Survey, 1969

20 Longcot Top Lock & Wharf

Canal enters cutting about 50 yds. by 12ft, deep. Longcot Old Wharf and Lock, Bridge Arch is filled and Wharf house is private residence. Longcot Upper Lock rises 9ft. and is sited to west of bridge.
D.L. Banfield Survey, 1969

41 Dauntsey Lock

Dauntsey Lock, falls 8f t. 8ins., chamber filled on site 20 yds. east of A420. Lock house remains. Wharf yard and canal cottages built by Joseph Barnes lie derelict. Weighbridge exists on main road. This area to be redeveloped .
D.L. Banfield Survey, 1969

45 Calne Lock

Calne Lock chamber exists, ground paddles in situ. Lower level filled.
D.L. Banfield Survey, 1969

5.14 North Wilts (462n)
NW branch, looking north at Hayes Knoll Lock
5.16.1 North Wilts (464n)
NW branch, Pry Lock remains