51 Pewsham Top Lock

Pewsham Top Lock, falls 8f t. 9ins. Arch bridge at south end, part collapsed. Straps for heel posts exist at bottom gates.
D.L. Banfield Survey, 1969

52 Pewsham Middle Lock

Pewsham Middle Lock, falls 10ft, lin., exists. Brickwork decaying overgrown.
D.L. Banfield Survey, 1969

53 Pewsham Bottom Lock

Pewsham Bottom Lock, falls 10ft. 1in. West wall extinct (bricks removed). East wall sound. Good view of ground sluice. Spillway exists on east bank of chamber.
D.L. Banfield Survey, 1969

57 Lacock Lock

Lacock Lock, falls 9ft. 6ins. Brickwork in good condition. Water at lower level.
D.L. Banfield Survey, 1969

59 Queenfield Lock

Queenfield Lock and Arch Bridge. Lock falls 8ft. Both exist and bridge is used.
D.L. Banfield Survey, 1969

6.03.1 RWB (526n)
RWB, looking east from Dunnington Top Lock
6.03.2 RWB (527n)
RWB, Dunnington Top Lock, bottom gateposts
6.03.3 RWB (528n)
RWB, looking west from Dunnington top lock
6.12.1 Dauntsey 01 (625n)
Dauntsey, looking east from the Lock
6.12.3 Dauntsey (639n)
Dauntsey, looking west above lock
6.12.4 Dauntsey (640n)
Dauntsey, remains of Lock gates
6.15.1 Foxham (627n)
Foxham, looking south east at the Lower Lock, Foxham
6.15.2 Foxham (628n)
Foxham, looking south east at the Lower Lock
66 NW Latton Aqueduct

Latton Lock, exists. Stands on aqueduct comprising 4 drainage arches. Rise or fall depends on level in both canals.
D.L. Banfield Survey, 1969

8.01 Melksham (632n)
Stanley, remains of Stanley Upper lock