Banfield Log 002

Abingdon Lock & River

Site of Lock, Wharf and Basin now Abingdon Laundry. Fine stone wharf store exists. Nissen hut stands directly on lock chamber. Lock rise was 9ft. 6 ins. (depending on level of Thames) to the canal.

Banfield Log 012

Grove Wharf

Grove Wharf, 4 wharf cottages and old public house still inhabited.

Banfield Log 015

Wantage Wharf

Wantage Basin. Wharfinger house, Wharf store, stable, tack room, weighbridge and toll house all exist in dilapidated condition. This site will be redeveloped soon. it's buildings are original.

Banfield Log 016

East Challow Wharf

Challow wharf and Iron Foundry and Bridge (extinct). (Survey required of Iron Foundry).

Banfield Log 020

Longcot Top Lock & Wharf

Canal enters cutting about 50 yds. by 12ft, deep. Longcot Old Wharf and Lock, Bridge Arch is filled and Wharf house is private residence. Longcot Upper Lock rises 9ft. and is sited to west of bridge.

Banfield Log 022

Longcot Wharf

Longcot New Wharf is converted to residences (2 houses). Wharf store demolished at south end.

Banfield Log 025

Bourton Wharf

Bourton Wharf buildings exist but canal is filled. It runs adjacent to A420 on south side. Arch bridge for road from Lower Bourton is extinct.

Banfield 001

St. Helen's Wharf

St. Helen's Wharf (inscribed stone) Abingdon, Cast Iron Bridge erected as specified in Act of 1821 over River Ock, inscribed:- "Erected by the Wilts and Berks. Canal Company: AD 1824. Cast at Agramans Bristol" This bridge has been extended in width, otherwise it is a fine specimen of contemporary cast iron work.