Whale bridge

Historic Map

Whale bridge was originally a stone arch road bridge, built between 1803 and 1804 for the canal company and then reconstructed to a flat span steel bridge in 1893 by the Swindon Corporation at a cost of £1200. This bridge took its name from the nearby Whale pub, which in turn was named after the old Cetus (Whale) buildings next door. A Wharf was situated on the south bank, east of the bridge. This bridge was demolished during the construction of Fleming Way in 1963.

Whale Bridge
Image credit: Swindon Museum and Art Gallery/ Art UK. Artist: G. Puckey. Note the bridge is made of stone before being reconstructed to a flat span steel bridge
4.09 Swindon (244n)
Swindon, looking east at Whale bridge, while standing on Queenstown/ Wellington Street Bridge
4.08.1 Swindon (291n)
Swindon, Whale Bridge & Whale Hotel