1.01.1 Abingdon (280n)

Abingdon, looking north west, at the canal junction to the river Thames

1.01.2 Abingdon (346n)
Abingdon, Wharf House
1.02 Abingdon (274n)
Abingdon, looking west from the Basin
1.05.1 Abingdon (262n)
Abingdon, Caldecott, looking east from occupation bridge
1.05.2 Abingdon (263n)
Abingdon, Caldecott, looking west from occupation bridge
1.05.3 Abingdon (264n)
Abingdon, Caldecott , probable Masonary from the Lock
1.05.4 Abingdon (275n)
Abingdon, looking north from occupation bridge near New Cut Mill
Image credit: Britain from Above (1920) Canal line running bottom middle and joining the river Thames through a lock adjacent to a Wharf
Image credit: Britain from Above (1920) Middle left Thames junction, Lock and Wharf